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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

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U.S. Post Office

Bailey, Colorado 80421

Elevation 7,740 ft.

Welcome to Conifer Radio your new internet community radio station broadcasting at 

We are brand new to the community and you may have questions? 

Would you like to request a specific song, have questions or like to be added to our mailing list?  

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Some Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ’s):

What’s playing on Conifer Radio? – Simply stated: “Old-school Alternative Rock.”  This classic rock and roll music genre reflects just one of the many demographics of our culture.  These are often the tracks that one remembers from the other side of the album (but you never hear anymore).  As a brand new radio station, and for its first inaugural year, Conifer Radio offers a live-stream through a platform that tracks our content and pays our royalties.  As the Doobie Brothers once wrote, ‘Listen to the Music!’ 

Why build an internet-streaming radio station?  Building an AM/FM ‘over the airwaves’ radio station is expensive!  And, buying an existing station with call letters is virtually cost-prohibitive. Alternatively, Conifer Radio is built in order to keep costs to a minimum and as a means of successfully growing our community radio station.  Our internet-based radio broadcast does require funding to cover royalties and other content however this approach is more affordable, efficient – and the direction the industry is moving.

Is Conifer Radio planning to broadcast over the AM/FM radio airwaves?  Not at this time.  The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) reports that the demand for current licenses is strong, however that expansion of either the AM or FM radio bands is unlikely.  Most recently, the FCC reports that it is not accepting applications for new FM or AM stations at the present time.  As support from the Highway 285 Corridor Community grows, the next phase of Conifer Radio will include a formal FCC station broadcast licensing application in its future.  

What is a ‘community’ radio station?   Community radio stations serve a specific geographic area, industry or discipline/focus.  Most often, they are run by nonprofit organizations and broadcast as ‘public’ radio stations (similar to National Public Radio – NPR).  Conifer Radio is your community radio station working to represent, recognize and serve Conifer and the US Highway 285 Corridor and our surrounding communities.  We are engaging and building a voice for the community.  

What is planned for the future of Conifer Radio?  We plan to engage the community with several features including the interviews of Community participants about their businesses, organizations and volunteer programs.  With the growth of Founding Supporters and other revenue generation for the station, additional “music streams” will be determined by the community and added to the Station’s program listings.

Are suggestions and ideas for Conifer Radio welcome?   Absolutely!   For our first year of station operations, we plan to engage the community and grow the “Community” part of the radio station to the extent that we can cover our cost structure.  Conifer Radio plans to operate at a ‘break-even’ cost structure with any additional revenues funding new initiatives.  Please send any of your good ideas and suggestions to us via email to

Lastly – a Thank You! to our underwriters who are supporting, funding and being recognized through their underwriting of our daily broadcasts. 
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Conifer Radio is developed to be free of commercial advertising.  Support comes instead from underwriters who provide their financial support.  Be among the first of our community radio station supporters who "underwrite" an hour of time!  You will be professionally recognized twice per underwritten hour as a founding supporter of Conifer Radio.  

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